Glimpses into Three Rings...

14 November 1976
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Soooooo....I started this journal to shamelessly promote the "dark" nightlife events that I throw in B'ham, AL....but of course, as with most things in my life, my personal hooplah invades and permeates everything that I do...hehe....so now there is shameless promotion along with a glimpse into the three ring circus that makes it's home inside of my noggin'....good luck. May the force be with you. You're gonna need it, Bub.


Venus & Bacchus Productions presents:


Birmingham's ONLY Art Driven Dark Dance Night & Live Performance Event!

We feature the southeast's very best DJ's spinning goth, industrial, death rock, ebm, darkwave, new wave, electroclash, indie electronica, synthpop, psytrance & so very much more!

We also host a variety of alt performances ranging from burlesque troupes to bellydancers to circus sideshows and beyond! You do NOT want to miss our house entertainers, The Magick City Sirens Burlesque Revue! Smoulderingly sexy vixens shimmy shaking & taking it off for your visual stimulations!

In addition, SWYD showcases the southeast's darkest up and coming artists! Make sure that you take the time to check out their shows.

And don't forget to peruse our vendors for handmade leather goods, jewelry, latex clothing and beyond.

Venus & Bacchus Productions is a collective of miscreants who are completely & utterly devoted to creating a haven for the Birmingham areas fabulous freaks! We strongly encourage drunken debauchery, over the top costumery, unabashed rug cutting and general bad assery! Join us, won't you? >;)


I am also a founding member of "The Southern Women's Alcohol Appreciation Society"...be afraid, be VERY afraid!!! S.W.A.A.S. could be sitting in a bar close to you, and that shit NEVER ends well! >;=D~~~~